Welcome to Mystic Productions Press. We are a spirituality and sexuality publisher offering a home to the wayward, a voice to those passionate about spirit and desire and the intersections between them.

The dream child of artist, author, educator and shaman Lee Harrington, Mystic Productions Press was born out of necessity. A publishing house had folded, a book was homeless, and no one else believed in the project. That project went on to become one of the top rated and selling erotic restraint how-to books on the market, the first edition of Shibari You Can Use.

Thus, Mystic Production Press is a home for the homeless, a sanctuary for lost books who need a place that will treat them with the respect, love and honor they deserve. Large print houses and publishers do not always know how to market or edit pagan, kink, faith, open relationship, occult, sexuality, leather, new age, or bdsm books, let alone those projects that cross across multiple genres of alternative non-fiction.

As a smaller organization, Mystic Productions Press offers high-quality, original, non-fiction books to the audiences that are hungry for them. To the populations that need and desire them: If you are a non-fiction sexuality, spirituality, cross-over or related author, or write about other fringe topics that express passion or personal connection, feel free to contact us at Lee@PassionAndSoul.com (or use the first form below) if you are interested in opening a dialogue with us about whether you might be a good fit for our line of products.

Mystic Productions Press does not, at this time, publish fiction, biography, memoir, or coffee-table art projects. There are many other excellent publishers who offer such offerings.

We look forward to continuing our mission of providing excellent work in the fields of sexuality, spirituality, and all forms of expression in-between. Through books, audio, imagery and various digital media, Mystic Productions Press brings passionate topics to light with grace and beauty.

Your feedback is critical to our success. Please contact us using the form below.