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Fans and media alike have been sharing their thoughts online of the books that Mystic Productions Press has created for the world.

More Shibari You Can Use: Maximilian Lagos

... The photography by RiggerJay is wonderful; sharp, educational, titillating, and most importantly, plentiful. Lee and Jay have gone out of their way to turn what could be a confusing mess of ropes, knots and twists into something easy to follow by using different colours, and images at each step and key points, complimented with written descriptions and instructions.

Both books dive deeper, past just the technical aspects of bondage and Shibari, and into such topics as negotiation and communication, connecting with your play partner, physiology, and a much needed section on “Body Realities” which gets often overlooked during the pre-scene negotiation. I think it is the addition of all these “soft skills” to the books, that set Lee and his Mystic Productions Press , apart from many good bondage books on the market today. ...

Sacred Kink: Dr. Ruth Neustifter

... Sexuality and spirituality are often treated as opposing concepts, but Lee Harrington makes it clear that the sacred and the profane are not so far removed from one another. Sexual and religious exploration can take place at the same time, often using the same tools and methods, with powerful results. Sacred Kink is a sex-positive (and quite sexy) study of the search for meaning, self and identity through BDSM. Harrington calls upon an amazing scope of religious study, weaving aspects of Buddhism, paganism, and dozens of other faiths through his depictions of sexual play. He deconstructs the power behind the rituals of yoga, sexual relationship dichotomies (e.g., Master/slave) and role-playing, monkish asceticism, body piercing, ecstatic dance, and so many other concepts. This book is densely packed with information, so reading it is a slow but rewarding process...

Harrington’s friendly tone is welcoming and reassuring , so the book could be useful as a source of inspiration, even if you can’t put the ideas into practice right away. Sacred Kink would be ideal for someone looking to push beyond their borders, a seeker looking to take another step forward. Or you could just flip through for the naughty bits. ...

Sacred Kink: Femme Galaxy

... I found myself returning multiple, multiple times, sometimes with days in-between in order to let what I was reading digest. As a not particularly spiritual person, but as someone who’s found glimpses of spirituality as their soul has been transformed by leather, this book really spoke to me in ways I hadn’t completely expected. ...

As many times as I felt my breath catch in my throat with a recognition of the power of how we live and what we do, I found myself touched through laughter at the ways in which awakening can take many different forms “Sometimes it’s just about putting on the Godzilla costume, painting our lover up like the city of Tokyo, and having at it.” ...

Sacred Kink: Cecilia Tan

... I found this to be a delightful book. Tricky, esoteric concepts are brought to light in clear, readable language. Harrington brings together a ton of research and knowledge on traditional sacred practices that relate to (or can even be considered precursors to) modern BDSM, and on modern BDSM practices that can act as doorways into altered states and spiritual enlightenment. The book is an achievement, an incredible distillation of knowledge, a PhD thesis on Sacred Kink.

Sacred Kink: Pagan Book Reviews

... Every author who writes on this subject has hir own take on it. However, Harrington has gone above and beyond by creating a most thorough structure to work within. He elaborates on eight different paths that are much more nuanced than “top” and “bottom”. The Path of the Horse, for example, goes into the controversial topic of god-slavery, as well as other interactions of the divine in sacred kink practices. ...

Harrington is a good writer, and has organized the material in an understandable and useful manner. Each chapter has a nice balance of theory, ideas for practice, and anecdotes. ...


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