Signed books by the authors are often something you can only get by showing up at a local signing at a store… but at Mystic Productions Press we wanted to bring some of that magic to you of having something straight from the hands of the creator.

Some titles even have books custom-signed just to you available for that perfect gift or as something to have in your personal library.

Our special items also include our limited edition catalogue. It is the place to look for one-of-a-kind items, small print-run art prints, unique gifts, pieces from live artist performances, and collectable objects of literature. Creations by our authors and artists, they are collector items.

Or maybe you want something fun! Keychains, art postcards, stickers… you never know what might appear in our special items collection.

Dive into our treasure trove by clicking on one of the mini-icons below.

Signed Books


Art Prints and Originals