Collector’s Edition: On Starry Thighs



On Starry Thighs: Sacred and Sensual Poetry
By Lee Harrington; Art by Abby Helasdottir

Traditional Print Book ($12.95, click here)
E-book ($5.99 Kindle, $5.99 ePub, or $5.99 PDF)
Signed Book ($22.95, click here)

On Starry Thighs is a collection of love poetry, lust prose, devotional prayers, and intimate blessings culled from the nearly 20-year career of the internationally known spirituality and sexuality author Lee Harrington. Illustrated by Abby Helasdottir, the collection brings to light a journey of love, loss, faith, self-discovery, hope, desire, and connection through more than 90 original works.

In this collector’s edition book, each hard-bound book is hand-painted, numbered, and signed by Lee Harrington. Only 75 books were ever made.

Each book comes wrapped in black tissue paper, sealed, ready to store for later unveiling as a collector’s item, or to be enjoyed today and left out on a coffee table as a conversation piece.

Books are navy blue, painted with various tones of silver, blue-black, metallic blue paint. Due to the nature of metallic-toned paints, the photographs do not show the colors as well.

Paintings on each book have similarities, but are unique. Together, a group of 10-20 books (depending on place in series) creates a single pattern, reflecting the nature of the book as being full of single poems, but that together it forms a pattern as well.

The current pricing is for books 26-40.

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