Website Live & Shibari Books Received!

With the two new books launching to the world at large on February 1st, it was time for Mystic Productions Press website to get a facelift! Welcome to our new website. If you are new to our work, you may not know just how radical a shift it has been. Our new website has so much to offer you:

Part of the fun is also that the new site is a chance for us to debut our newest projects, straight to you, before they reach the public at large. In the case of the revised edition of Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macrame and the newly released More Shibari You Can Us: Passionate Rope Bondage and Intimate Connection, it is the same.

Our Indiegogo fundraiser back in the spring of 2014 helped raise the initial printing costs for the project, and once the books were printed, we said thank you to our funders by sending them the books before anyone else. Some even received books bound in beautiful macrame, a unique gift for the unique team of people who believed in us.

As they have been received, we have gotten some images coming in of people enjoying their books. And… for your enjoyment… here are a few!

Thank you for joining us here at Mystic Productions Press.

BoundShibari-Graydancer  BoundShibari-A  BoundShibari-MitchMonica  BoundShibari-ProODaul  BoundShibari-JessicaCelesteDeschaines  BoundShibari-Ctjohn1  BoundShibari-Femme  BoundShibari-AJ  BoundShibari-Ay3b  BoundShibari-J  BoundShibari-Roy  BoundShibari-MistressYve2BoundShibari-Ashley  BoundShibari-Kilty



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